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ATV Bali: What to Know Including Best Tours [2024]

Bali is famous for its lush landscapes, rich culture, and tropical beaches. But many overlook the endless supply of adventure opportunities. An off-road ATV Bali experience is one of the best ways to experience the island’s magic.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just like to stop and smell the roses there is a Bali ATV adventure for you.

Best Bali ATV tours and tips.

We’ve been living in Bali for over a year and a half now and have been keeping tabs on the different ATV experiences so we can give you the inside scoop.

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What to Know About ATV in Bali

With so much information online about ATV’s in Bali it can be a daunting task to find answers and get accurate information. Even though we live here and feel pretty connected to the offerings, there were still things we wish we had known before we went on our own ATV Bali adventure.

In this article, we will share answers to the most commonly asked questions and cover everything you need to know to help make the most of your ATV Bali experience.

Can You Drive an ATV (Quad) in Bali?

The short answer is yes.

ATV’s, which stand for all-terrain vehicles, also known as quad bikes, are available to drive in designated areas in Bali. You can find ATV tours that take you through stunning rice fields, jungle trails, and even along the beach.

Ubud ATV tour in Bali.

The majority of tours are suitable for all levels of skill, but those with more experience will have the opportunity to explore more challenging terrain.

What Type of ATVs Can You Rent in Bali?

You can rent various types of ATVs in Bali, depending on your desired experience. Most people rent standard four-wheelers, but you can also find two-wheeled options and even the buggy-style.

The best way to choose the best ATV is to consider the terrain you will be driving on and any additional safety measures needed.

What Should I Wear When Riding

When riding an ATV in Bali, it is important to dress appropriately for the experience. You should wear closed-toe shoes with good grip, as well as long pants and a shirt that covers your arms.

A helmet is also essential and will be provided by most rental companies. Many of the rental companies will also provide you with tall rubber boots to wear so no worries if you arrive in flip flops.

Although, I suggest bringing along a pair of socks to wear with the boots since they can get sweaty.

All about ATV tours in Bali.

Pro tip: I suggest not wearing anything that you are not ok to get wet and dirty. There is usually a lot of water and mud involved in these ATV experiences.

Where Can You Drive an ATV in Bali?

Most ATV rental companies will provide you with a list of available routes. Depending on your experience level and the type of terrain you are looking for, there is sure to be something that fits your needs.

Some popular spots are the jungle trails in Uluwatu, rice terraces and water track near Ubud, or a beachside adventure from Sanur. About 90% of all Bali ATV tours take place at a designated track in northern Ubud.

How Much is the ATV Ride in Bali?

Depending on which tour you decide on, the cost of an ATV ride experience will range anywhere from 25 – 100 USD. The cost typically depends on the length of the tour, how many people you are with, and whether or not you need transportation to and from.

How much are the ATV tours in Bali.

We paid around 35 USD per person for our two-hour ATV ride in Bali, but most rental companies will offer deals for larger groups.

Many of tour companies offer bundle packages at a great value, including white water rafting, the Monkey Forest, rice field tours, or waterfalls.

Best ATV Tours in Bali

With so many different ATV tours being offered on so many booking sites it’s difficult to know which ones to go with. Here are the best tried and true ATV tours and ATV tour packages going on right now.

Bali ATV Tours in Ubud

Most of Bali ATV action occurs north of Ubud on designated trails and tracks. This is where you want to go if you are after some adrenaline-pumping, mud-splashing fun!

Here is our pick for the best Bali ATV Ubud experience. This two-hour adventure includes transportation, a locker, towel, helmet, boots, and lunch!

ATV Tours in Ubud, Bali.

Bali ATV Bundle Packages in Ubud

Several companies offer bundled packages with the Bali ATV riding. One of the most popular is combining whitewater rafting for a full day of adventure.

The best tour for ATV riding and whitewater rafting is Bali ATV and Whitewater Rafting Tour. This tour includes all the necessary equipment, lunch, and even transfers if you select the option. Best value!

ATV and rafting tour in Ubud.

Bali ATV with Monkey Forest

Another bundle option in the Ubud area is the Sacred Monkey Forest. We love this ATV tour with Monkey Forest because it combines amazing scenery, ATV riding, and cultural experiences.

ATV and monkey forest tour in Ubud.

The tour includes all the necessary equipment, lunch, and transfers to/from the hotel. Plus, you get a chance to get up close with the Balinese monkeys!

Bali ATV Tour Mount Batur

If you want a slower-paced and more relaxing ATV experience, consider the backside of Mount Batur ATV tour. Explore the local villages and lava fields while viewing the majestic Mount Batur in the distance. You’ll also stop at an all-natural hot spring for a swim. This 4-7 hour adventure includes breakfast or lunch and drinks at the Mt. Batur Lounge.

Bali Quad Bike Tour with Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

Lastly, I want to make sure to include this snorkeling tour by boat to two spots at the Blue Lagoon paired with an Ubud ATV adventure. This all-inclusive ATV and Snorkel Tour includes equipment, lunch, transportation from the hotel, and a private air-conditioned car.

Book Bali ATV Tours

How Long is the ATV Ride in Bali?

There are several ATV tour options ranging from as little as 1.5 hours up to seven hours long. Most of the ATV tour packages are around 2-3 hours long and include lunch. If you bundle with other activities, such as whitewater rafting or monkey forest visits, plan for 7-8 hours.

Is the Bali ATV Ride Safe?

If you’ve ever been to Bali before, you’ll agree that the safety standards are not quite the same as you may experience in your home country, so be advised. However, when it comes to ATV rental companies, most of them have taken extra steps to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their clients.

Is ATV safe in bali.

The ATV’s that we experienced and saw from other companies were in working order but not in the best of condition. But the guides were super quick to fix or supply a backup quad bike if one broke down.

Do You Need a License for ATV Bali?

No, you do not need a license to ride ATV’s in Bali. It is better if you have had some experience driving off-road vehicles, but it is not necessary.

Do You Need Shoes for ATV Bali?

I suggest wearing close-toed shoes with a good grip for your ATV Bali experience. The terrain can be rocky and uneven, so you want to make sure you have good traction. If the rental company doesn’t provide boots, you may want to bring extra shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride an ATV in Bali?

The minimum age required by most ATV rental companies is 13 years old. However, they allowed our 12-year-old to ride by himself with extra instruction. Kids under the minimum age were allowed to ride tandem with an adult. Make sure to check on the age requirements with the specific company.

When is the Best Time to Go?

The best time to go ATV riding is during the dry season (July-August) and mornings. Avoid the rain as much as possible, because the trails can become muddy and slippery. We wrote an entire post on the weather in Bali by month.

Many companies will close their tracks when it rains due to safety concerns, so be sure to check with them beforehand. However, by going during the rainy season there is a good chance that you will be able to avoid the crowds.

How to Get There

The good news is that most tour companies offer hotel pick-up and drop-off options. Now, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you have a couple of choices.

You can either rent a self-drive car or a scooter. It’s best to have some experience driving in Bali or other Southeast Asian countries.

Another popular transportation option is to hire this private driver for the day. The cost is reasonable, and the convenience is priceless.

ATV Bali Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your ATV adventure in Bali:

• Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

• Get there early – especially if it is peak season.

• Bring your own water and snacks, as some rental companies don’t supply them.

• Wear sunscreen! It gets hot!

• Have patience – ATV riding can be tricky and take some getting used to.

• Consider taking an additional safety course is if you’re a beginner.

• Always wear a helmet, even if the company does not require it.

• Use common sense – don’t drive recklessly.

• Monitor your speed and be aware of the terrain.

• Follow all directions given by tour guides or rental staff to ensure a safe experience.

Wrapping Up: ATV Bali

An ATV adventure in Bali is an experience like no other, combining the thrill of off-road riding with the dramatic landscapes of jungle trails, rice terraces, and beachside vistas. With options to fit every skill level and budget, an ATV tour offers a unique and exciting way to explore the island’s beauty. Whether you’re seeking a solo adrenaline rush or a full day of family-friendly fun, be sure to add an ATV ride to your Bali bucket list. Remember to keep safety in mind and wear appropriate clothing for the best experience. Happy trails!