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Beaches Canggu: Top 5 Plus Insiders Guide [2024]

Canggu is a former sleepy surf town turned digital nomad boom town. It was made popular for its hip and trendy beach culture and trendy vibes. The sprawling Canggu beaches extend from Berawa to Pererenan and are home to some of the hottest beach clubs and sunset-watching spots in Bali.

Best beaches in Canggu

If you’re planning out your Bali itinerary and considering spending some time at the Canggu beaches, you are in the right place since I live here and spend a significant amount of time there.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about the beaches in Canggu. Let’s dive in!

This post about Canggu beaches contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to make a purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Does Canggu Have Nice Beaches?

The beaches in Canggu continue to attract visitors year after year. They are excellent for those looking for a laid-back, trendy, and energetic experience.

visiting nice beaches in canggu

Are they the prettiest beaches in Bali? To be honest, no. For beauty, you’ll want to consider the Uluwatu Beaches or head over to Nusa Penida island. I draw comparisons for the Canggu beaches to those of California and the Uluwatu beaches to Hawaii.

The sand is dark grey/brown in color and is usually reasonably clean by Indonesian standards. However, during the rainy season in Bali, the run-off sadly piles trash and debris onto the shorelines.

But, what the beaches lack in beauty, they make up for in activity and services. Beach clubs and local warungs (restaurants) with beanbag chairs dot the beach. Beach volleyball nets and makeshift soccer goals are set up in the sand for those who want to get their game on.

Canggu Beaches Map

Check out this map highlighting all of the best beaches in Canggu. See the red umbrellas!

Top 5 Beaches Canggu

Now that you’ve seen the map view showing where the top beaches in Canggu are. Here are the details for each one!

1. Batu Balong Beach

Most popular beach in canggu is batu balong.

Batu Balong is for sure the most popular (by the numbers) beach in Canggu. It sits at the end of Canggu’s most happening street (Jl. Pantai Batu Balong), which is lined with some of the area’s best restaurants, spas, and high-end retail shops.

In addition to its excellent location Batu Balong is the go-to Canggu beach for surfers of all levels. The beach is lined with surfboard rental shops and friendly local surf instructors ready to get you out on the waves. If you’re a planner, this is the best 2-hour surf lesson at Batu Balong.

Swimming is possible at all tide levels, but there are no lifeguards on duty, and the currents can be intense.

sunset at canggu beach

You also find plenty of chill warungs offering drinks and eats while you pull up a bean bag chair and take in the views. (Take all precautions to avoid Bali belly) The music comes alive as the sun begins to go down, and the chairs fill up in anticipation of a magical sunset.


  • Warungs (restaurants) with bean bag chairs
  • Beach lounge chairs with umbrella for a fee
  • Surfboard rentals/lessons
  • Live music (evening)
  • Parking available

2. Echo Beach

echo beach in canggu bali

Echo Beach, located at the end of Jl. Pura Batu Mejan Street is another favorite Canggu Beach. It is just a little further up the coast (to the west) of Batu Balong. There is a causeway between the two making it easy to walk between.

Echo Beach is popular among experienced surfers who come to ride its larger waves. It’s also a great spot for hanging out and taking in incredible sunsets.

best beaches canggu

Swimming is not advised due to strong currents, so it’s best to only paddle out with the help of a professional guide.

La Brisa is located on echo beach in canggu bali.
La Brisa at Echo Beach – Canggu, Bali

The area around Echo Beach has been developed over the years with a slew of beach clubs and eateries. La Brisa is the standout if you’re looking for a cool boho vibe, epic sunset, and tasty dinner.


  • Warungs and Western restaurants
  • Beach clubs
  • Loungers
  • Parking available

3. Nelayan Beach

Nelayan is a quiet beach in canggu

If you’re after a quieter beach that still offers epic sunset views as well as convenient services, look no further than Nelayan Beach. This Canggu beach sits at the end of the much slower Jl. Nelayan Street in between Batu Balong and Berawa Beaches.

The expansive beach and swimmable water leave plenty of room for play, no matter the tide level. You’ll often find locals flying their handmade kites and kiteboarders taking advantage of the extra space and stiff winds.

Nelayan Beach is also home to a couple of warungs, which are great for grabbing food/drinks while watching the sunset.


  • Warungs (local restaurants)
  • Big beach/swimmable waters
  • Slower-pace
  • Parking available for scooters

4. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan is a top beach in Canggu

Not technically a Canggu beach, but nowadays, Canggu and Pererenan flow very much together. Pererenan Beach is popular among locals, expats, and digital nomads looking for a quiet spot to relax without the crowds.

Pererenan Beach is much like the other beaches in Canggu, with good surfing, swimmable water, and incredible sunset views, but it lacks the fanfare.

Pererenan beach near canggu bali

There are a few small warung shacks to get a drink or a small bite but definitely on a much smaller scale than the other beaches.


  • Less crowds
  • Surfboard rentals
  • Parking available

5. Berawa Beach

Berawa is a canggu bali beach.
Atlas Beach Club – Canggu, Bali

Berawa Beach is just outside Canggu’s city limits but is very much a part of its core. It’s another surfing hotspot with steady swells that attract beginner to advance surfers. It’s a bit sloppier than Echo and Batu Balong, but the white water works well for those still learning.

Finns beach club in canggu bali
Finns Beach Club – Canggu, Bali

The surfing doesn’t stop either when the sun goes down because Finns Beach Club flips on the spotlights lighting up the water, and DJs spin their groovy tunes. Finns is one of the three clubs at Berawa Beach, so make a note that this is your place if you are after Canggu nightlife.

If you’re not a surfer or looking to party, Berawa Beach still has a lot to offer with its expanded black sand beach and swimmable water. You will encounter local vendors selling their wares, and a few even offering bbq’d corn on the cob.

corn vendors at canggu beach

Berawa is another perfectly positioned Canggu beach to end your day by pulling up some sand and watching the magical Bali sunset.


  • Beach clubs
  • Night lights for surfing
  • Music (live on the weekends)
  • Parking available

Other Beaches Near Canggu

Besides the above top 5 beaches in Canggu, a few others are worth visiting especially if you are looking to escape the Canggu crowds.

Munggu Beach

Canggu beaches Munggu

Continuing north up the coast from Pererenan Beach is very similar but much more relaxed Munggu Beach. It’s a great spot to get away from the Canggu crowds and enjoy the less-developed side of Bali.

Munggu is popular with the locals, especially on the weekends. Just make sure you bring everything you need for the day, including a beach mat or towel to sit on since lounge chairs are not always available.

Seseh Beach

Seseh is a top Canggu Bali Beach

Just steps away from Munggu Beach is the beautiful Seseh Beach. All of the Canggu beaches are considered to have black sand, but it is really more of a grey/brown color. Seseh is an exception; the beaches genuinely are much closer to black.

Seseh is another beach that is popular with the locals, and you’ll find some small local warungs offering cheap eats and drinks.

Beach loungers, surfboard rentals, and surf lessons are often available.

How to Get to Canggu Beaches

Getting to the beaches in Canggu can prove to be an adventure. It’s well-known that Canggu has some of the busiest traffic in Bali. For this reason, it’s best to rent a scooter to weave your way through the narrow, traffic-packed streets.

getting to the best beach in canggu

You can rent a scooter for about 5-10 USD for the day, and arrangements can be made through your hotel accommodation or Airbnb host. Make sure always to wear a helmet and it’s best to have some experience riding scooters in southeast Asia.

Another option to get to the beaches in Canggu is to rent a self-drive car. I don’t recommend it because of Canggu’s traffic and parking situation, but it’s an option if you’re uncomfortable on a scooter or are traveling with kids. For more details, I wrote an entire post on renting a car in Bali.

If you are not up for doing it yourself, there are a few options. First, you can hire a car with a private driver. This is a popular option in Bali and is pretty affordable at 40 – 55 USD per day.

Next, you can use Grab or the GoJek services (like Uber) to get lifts to and from. Grab offers car and motorbike lifts, while GoJek specializes in motorbike rides. The cost will depend on current demand, but you can expect anywhere from 1 -2 USD for a short scooter ride to 10-15 USD for a longer car lift.

Best Time to Visit Canggu Beaches

The best time to hit the beaches in Canggu is from April – October during the dry season. This is the best time for swimming, surfing, and enjoying the sun. During this period will be warm with minimal rainfall and lots of sunshine. Check out this post about the Bali weather by the month.

beach clubs in canggu bali

The wet season in Canggu can make beach-going difficult due to heavy rains from November to March. It’s still possible to visit the beaches between October – April but just know that rain is more likely and the beaches contain more trash because of the runoff.

The beaches in Canggu are some of its main attractions. Surfing and swimming are best in the morning, and the evening always brings a fantastic sunset show and an energetic vibe.

But, there’s so much more to do in Canggu! Make sure to check out the 11 best things to do in Canggu.

FAQ: Beaches Canggu

Which Canggu beach is the best For surfing?

That’s a tricky question since there are pros and cons for each. The most consistent swells and the most variety are probably found at Echo/Batu Balong Beaches. They’re also the most crowded, which is not cool. But everything you need is there, including rentals, instructors and even photographers ready to capture the moments.

What is the main beach in Canggu?

The main beach in Canggu is Batu Balong. This beach is at the center of all the action as sits right at the end of the most happening street in Canggu.

Can you swim at Canggu beaches?

Yes, you can swim at the Canggu beaches. Some parts are rockier than others, and the current can be pretty stiff, so be careful, especially since there are rarely lifeguards on duty.

Do the beaches in Canggu have black sand?

Technically all of the beaches in Canggu have black sand. However, most of the beaches on the southern end are more grey/brown, and they get darker the further north you get toward Seseh Beach.

Can you walk along the beach in Canggu?

Yes, all of the beaches in Canggu can be accessed by walking along the shoreline. One section has a concrete/stone causeway that connects to Echo Beach, but it is well-maintained and frequently traveled.

Are Canggu Beaches Crowded?

Unfortunately yes. The central beaches in Canggu draw pretty good-sized crowds, especially during the dry or high season. The surf lineup can be frustratingly congested, and you’ll struggle to get a beach photo without others in the background. But the energy is strong!

Which Canggu beach is the best for Party?

Hands down, the best beach for nightlife and daylife, for that matter, is Berawa Beach. It’s home to three active beach clubs/bars that pump 24/7.

Do you have to pay to go to Canggu beaches?

No, there are no admission fees to any of the beaches in Canggu. However, parking fees range from 2,000 IDR for scooters to 10,000 IDR for cars.

Final Word: Beaches Canggu

Canggu Bali has some of the hottest beaches in all of Indonesia. Whether you’re a surfer looking for waves or just want to relax on the sand and watch an incredible sunset, Canggu delivers. The black sandy shores are perfect for swimming, surfing lessons are available at most spots, and there’s plenty of nightlife if that’s what you’re after. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why people flock to these Canggu beaches from across the globe!

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