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Griff and The Runaway Family Travel Blog



Griff has the heart and grit of an explorer. He pushes us to see what’s over the next hill and is the first one to jump when adventure calls. Griff is always researching and innovating to keep us organized and our businesses moving forward. He is the best guy around to figure things out in a fix– whatever that might be! Griff’s background is in real estate and entrepreneurship.

Mindy and The Runaway Family Travel Blog



Mindy passionately loves the great outdoors and exploring the world.  Connecting with people from all different walks of life is something that she values highly.  She has a medical background, working as a physician assistant in family practice and urgent care before hitting the road.  She’s the one who keeps us healthy on this life adventure! 

Jack and the Runaway Family Travel Blog



14 years. Jack is our fun loving, book reading, game playing, adventure junkie.  He was born ready and gave us a run for our money as a toddler.  If he wasn’t jumping off playground equipment, he was making a mad dash to explore the parking lot before mom and dad could catch him.  At the age of 2 years old, he started cliff jumping when kids 5 times his age wouldn’t jump.  As he’s gotten older, he continues to impress us with his happy earnest personality, and never give up attitude.  Jack’s kryptonite is weird foreign food.  But he’s come a long way! 

Colt and The Runaway Family Travel Blog



12 years.  Colt is our quietly confident, video game building, world curious explorer.  He’s always been a thinker, and he can generally figure out any problem given enough time.  He is the first to climb, clamber, and discover new places. He is detail oriented and brimming with creativity.  We love how his laugh comes from somewhere deep inside his soul and bursts out in a peel of happiness.  He loves technology, has the kindest heart, and can entertain Maverick for days.  Hardly anything phases this even keeled boy, except for creepy crawling insects. Adventure life is making him face his aversion every single day.  And if he isn’t an insect lover, he is making his way toward tolerance.

Ririe and The Runaway Family Travel Blog



9 years.  Ririe may be the only girl, but she can hold her own in this family of brothers. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight for it, whether that be a two year stretch of wearing only princess dresses as a toddler or making sure she gets in on her brothers’ games. She adores animals and is fascinated by creatures large and small. It’s not unusual to find her with a hermit crab, snail, or fuzzy caterpillar. She gives the best snuggles, has a big imagination, and lives for the beach. Her biggest challenge is not keeping every treasure she collects along the way.

Maverick and The Runaway Family Travel Blog



6 years.  Maverick is the happiest, most lovable ball of energy that ever existed and the perfect caboose for our family.  He makes us friends all over the world with his exuberant smile and his big personality.  It doesn’t matter if we are at the pool, the park or a fancy restaurant.  He has friends in 5 seconds flat.  He’s easily bribed with suckers or ice cream, but he is really passionate about the beach, villains/creepy stuff, cute and cuddly animals, and swimming! Maverick’s missions in life are to find ways to sneak Dad’s soda and Ririe’s stuffed animals.