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Hello World. We are The Runaway Family

The Runaway Family Travel Blog Canggu Bali Indonesia

Turn back the clock! This was our first blog post back in July of 2019:

Hello world from Bali, Indonesia!

We are The Runaway Family. A happy family of six originally from the great state of Utah in the USA. 

Just over four months ago, we left on the adventure of a lifetime. We sold everything we owned, packed up our four young children, kissed our family and friends goodbye, and walked into the unknown. We started in Phuket, Thailand. To be honest, we weren’t sure what our life would look like. We were not committed to traveling full time. We were thinking of staying long stints of 6 months or more in the same location. Mindy had even looked into long term jobs in Hawaii and Guam. But nearly as soon as we left, the wanderlust consumed us. 

Taking Notes

We’ve been traveling full time with our kiddos for over 4 months now (actually over 3 years at the time of this repost) , and we figured it is high time we started keeping some notes for ourselves and for the rest of you. We usually spend at least a month in each area we visit so that we really get a full experience.

As you can imagine, with the prep to go and then the time spent in each country, we end up bursting at the seams with information about each place we visit. We generally start with recommendations, google a lot, talk to the locals, and then end up with plenty of trial and error. Sometimes we knock it out of the park and other times we fall flat on our faces, but in the end, we lived it! We are authentic. We are the real thing. We are a family who is traveling and living in different places.

Keeping it real

We are not a perfectly composed picture on Instagram or a family vacation. We’ll give tips and tricks, share our home runs, and tell you all the things that we’ve found that work. But we’ll also share our failures and our struggles. The glimpses of the world we have seen so far have opened our eyes about so many issues and problems, and we want to share that, too. Our hope is that this information will help you to enjoy your time in these locations better, that it will unite us in an effort to leave the earth a better place for our children, and that it will help us to remember all of the important things we gain from each location experience.

So here is to the beginning of our blog and to all of you for actually reading it!

Why the heck are we doing this?