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Water Slide Lemukih – Know Before You Go

It’s no secret that Bali is one of the most beautiful places on earth and an adventure junkie’s dream. Often the two collide together as it does with the Water Slide Lemukih to make for a totally epic encounter.

Water slide Lemukih in Bali.

We’ve spent more than a year exploring the Island of the Gods and have the Lemukih Water Slide listed as one of our favorite adventures in Bali.

But before you head out to the Lemukih waterfall and waterslide, there are some important things that you need to know.

This post about Lemukih Water Slide contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to make a purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What is Water Slide Lemukih?

The water slides of Lemukih are a 45-meter (148 foot) section of natural waterslide sitting between rice fields and lush jungle overlooking impressive views of the Lemukih Valley.

Once used as a children’s playground for the locals in the area, Lemukih waterslides are now open to all adventure seekers looking to experience something truly special.

Lemukih waterfall and waterslide.

It’s an incredibly fun experience as you zip down a series of cascading rock slides landing in deep pools of refreshing mountain water along the way.

Where are the Lemukih Water Slides Bali

The Lemukih Water Slides are located in northern Bali about 2 hours from Ubud and about 2.5 hours from Canggu.

They are near 7 different waterfalls including Fiji, Secret, and the famous Sekumpul so you may want to consider spending the full day taking in all of these natural wonders together.

How to Get There

Getting to Water Slide Lemukih can be a little confusing since there are a few different ways to get there. The obvious easiest way is to book a Lemukih Village tour beforehand and everything including transportation will be included.

However, if you are more of a do-it-yourself adventurer and/or want to save a little cash the best way to get to Lemukih Waterslide is to search on google maps for Water Slide Lemukih or click here. You will need to either rent a car, scooter or hire a private driver.

Follow the google maps directions making sure that as you near Lemukih village, you do not stop at any of the makeshift tour booths that are set up along the way. I think we counted 4 of them.

They are all trying to sell you tour packages that you do not need. So unless you want to book a tour with them keep driving.

As you approach the endpoint destination marker on google maps you will need to take a left-hand turn down the hill which will lead you to the parking lot-it’s a little tricky to spot. This is a photo of where you turn.

How to get to water slide Lemukih.

Not too far down that little road, you will turn left into the car parking lot. This is what it looks like. This is where you will need to park your car. Parking cost is 10k Rupiah.

Lemukih waterslide parking.

If you are on a scooter you can continue straight down until you reach the Lemukih Waterslide motorbike parking lot. It will save you a little walking.

How Much Does Waterslide Lemukih Cost?

There is a lot of confusion about this online and in the travel circles but the actual mandatory cost is 20k Rupiah which is a little over 1 US Dollar. You pay the entrance fee at the bottom of the trail right next to the waterslide.

Most of the confusion stems from the opportunistic tour guides that are staked out along the way to Lemukih. They offer tour packages from 100k up to 400k Rupiah per person.

Do I Need a Guide for Lemukih Water Slide?

No. You do not NEED a tour guide to slide on the Lemukih Water Slide. Don’t be fooled or pressured into believing that you do.

The tactics used by these unofficial tour guides can be super aggressive and even dishonest. Our last experience was super uncomfortable as we were approached by multiple groups telling us we cannot go without a tour guide.

One group tried to block our path with a scooter and even threatened to damage our car. We just kept going and nothing happened to us or our car. We feel it’s best not to engage and just keep walking.

Lemukih slide

However, if you do want a guide to escort and/or even transport you via scooter down to the slides the going rate is about 150k-200k Rupiah, not the 300-400k that they will initially pitch you.

I will say that there is some value to going with a guide. The scooter ride can be worth it since it is a pretty steep walk up but be prepared it’s not for the faint of heart.

Also, the right guide can add to and even enhance your experience if they know the ins and outs of the attraction.

How Far is the Walk to Lemukih Waterslides?

From the car parking lot, it is about 1 kilometer (.6 mile) down to the slides which takes about 20 minutes. From the scooter parking lot about .40 kilometers (.25 of a mile) about 5 – 10 minute walk on flat surface.

The path is completely paved and in pretty decent shape but again it is quite steep and can be slippery in some spots.

Lemukih waterslide

There are a few other trails that intersect but stay on the main path all the way down to the water slides.

When is the Best Time to Go

Contrary to most attractions in Bali the best time to visit Water Slide Lemukih is in the afternoon preferably around 3-4 pm. Most, if not all of the aggressive tour guides will be gone and you’ll have a higher likelihood of avoiding crowds.

But, don’t go any later than that because you don’t want to be down there in the dark and they do close down at night.

Is Water Slide Lemukih Good For Kids?

We say yes! We brought our four kids ages 14 to 6 years old and they all had a blast. There is one upper slide that is quite small and perfect for the younger ones while the others are a little more exciting.

Owner of the Water Slide Lemukih.

The owner and the family that runs the slides are amazing! They jumped right in and helped make sure that our kids were safe and had a good time. Highly recommend supporting them by eating at their warung and even giving them some extra gratuity.

What to Bring to Water Slide Lemukih

  • Swimming suit – We suggest wearing a bathing suit that you are comfortable using for adventures. Even though you do sit on handcrafted bicycle tires to slide you are still sliding down a natural rock waterslide and will make contact.
  • Towel – Bring a towel because you are going to get wet. We like to use lightweight Turkish beach towels or these compact microfiber towels.
  • Water shoes/sandals – It’s best to have good foot protection for this adventure. The path can be a bit slippery and the slide is rocky.
  • Water bottle – It is possible to purchase water and other snacks down at the slide but best practice is to bring your own. If you don’t want to carry the extra weight bring our favorite water purifier bottle and drink right from the river.
  • Snacks – Bring your own or budget an extra 5-10k Rupiah for snacks down at Lemukih Water Slide.
  • Sunscreen – Jungle and tropical climates can burn you up unknowingly so don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Change of clothes – It’s always a good idea to have a change of clothes for after your adventure in case you get wet or just to feel refreshed.

Other Things To Do Near Lemukih Waterslide

If you have your own wheels there are some great waterfalls and other attractions nearby including Fiji, Secret and the impressive Sekumpul Waterfalls.

Sekumpul Waterfall in Lemukih
Sekumpul Waterfall near Water Slide Lemukih

If you don’t have your own wheels then you can opt to go on a Lemukih guided tour with stops at some of the best attractions in the area.

We suggest spending no more than 2-3 hours at Lemukih Water Slide and then heading out for more adventure or just relaxing at nearby Lovina Beach.

Wrapping it Up: Water Slide Lemukih

Visiting Water Slide Lemukih is a great way to spend an afternoon in Bali. Not only can you enjoy the natural beauty of the slide and river, but also experience some unique thrills down its waterslides. Be sure to make use of our tips for getting there safely and cheaply as well as bringing along all your necessary supplies. With proper preparation, you’ll be able to maximize your time at this incredible attraction while saving money on tour guides and admission fees. Don’t forget about exploring other nearby sights after visiting Water Slide Lemukih; it’s a great opportunity to get out into nature or find even more adventure!