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What is Bali Famous For? The Inside Scoop

Bali, an Indonesian island known for its lush jungles and stunning beaches, is a popular tourist destination. But what makes Bali so special? What is it famous for? From its vibrant culture to its unique cuisine and activities, there are plenty of reasons why people flock to this paradise every year. Here’s what you need to know about what makes Bali such an incredible place.

What is Bali famous for?
Kelingking Beach

What is Bali Famous For?

First, it’s no secret that Bali is famous for its stunning natural beauty. From the soaring volcanoes to crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, it’s easy to see why this place has become a go-to destination for nature lovers around the world.

The lush, tropical rainforests are also something to behold – trekking through them is like stepping into an entirely new world. There are lots of secret waterfalls, hidden forests, and other natural wonders for you to explore.

Bali is also famous for its vibrant culture. With a mix of Hindu and Buddhist influences, there is plenty to see in terms of art, architecture, theatre performances, festivals, and much more. The cultural attractions will leave you feeling enriched and inspired.


Bali is known for
Lempuyang Temple Stairs

Ever wonder why Bali is called The Island of Gods? There are over 10,000 temples here, including the iconic Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. Every temple is unique in its architecture and offers a special insight into Balinese culture.


Is bali a good place to visit
Bali Beach Club

With virtually no night scene in the rest of Indonesia, the nightlife in Bali is like no other. From beach clubs to exclusive bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone here. Whether you want to enjoy a live music performance or relax at a sunset beach bar, you’ll find what you are looking for in Bali.

Canggu is your spot if you’re after the cool trendy bar scene and beach clubs like the world-famous Finn’s. Kuta and Seminyak probably have the most choice since there are more clubs and bars per capita than anywhere else on the island. Uluwatu and Gili Trawangan if you love dancing in the sand.

Luxury Living

What is Bali best known for. Luxury living.
Bali Resort – Uluwatu, Bali

There is no place on earth quite like Bali for luxurious living. Famous for its luxury villas, you’ll find a myriad of exquisite accommodation options here ranging from beachfront bungalows to expansive private estates.

What’s more, is that luxury is affordable in Bali. Prices for villas, resorts, and hotels are significantly lower than what you’d find in other parts of the world, making it easy to enjoy a luxurious holiday on any budget.


Bali is famous for its volcanoes.
Mount Agung – Amed Beach

Dotted around the island are several massive volcanoes some of which are considered active. The most famous one is Mount Batur which is also the most active having mini eruptions every few years. It is also possible to hike up the volcano for a breathtaking view of the nearby lake and other volcanoes.

Mount Agung, which rises to a height of 3,014 meters (9,944 feet) is also very famous and is an iconic feature in the Bali skyline. You can take some incredible photos at sunrise or sunset from this peak, as well as enjoy adventurous treks to explore its beauty.

Rice Fields

Bali is famous for its beautiful rice fields.
Rice Fields in Bali

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media, chances are that you’ve seen some of the famous rice terraces of Bali. These terraced fields are a stunning sight, and it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular on Instagram.

The Balinese people have been growing rice for centuries, and some of these fields have been around since before the 16th century. It’s truly a unique experience to explore the many paddy fields that line up with the slopes of the surrounding mountains.


Bali is famous for beaches.
Suluban Beach – Bali

Of course, no trip to the tropical island paradise of Bali is complete without spending some time on the beach. And wow are there some stunning beaches! From the famous white sand beaches of Uluwatu and Nusa Penida to the black sands of Amed Beach and Lovina, you’ll find something to suit your fancy. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot or an action-packed beach with lots of bars and restaurants, you’ll find it in Bali.


Bali is famous for its underwater sea life including manta rays.
Manta Ray – Bali

The marine life in Bali is second to none. From dolphins and sea turtles to the famous Mola-mola or Sunfish, you’ll find a myriad of species swimming in these crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling and diving are two popular activities for those who want to get closer to marine life. You can also take boat tours and kayaking trips to explore the many nooks and crannies of the island. One of my all-time favorite marine experiences was snorkeling with the giant Manta Rays off of Nusa Penida-not to be missed!


Bali is famous for its many waterfalls.
Sekumpul Waterfall – Bali

Bali is no doubt famous for its waterfalls, and there are plenty of them to explore. From the spectacular Sekumpul Waterfall in North Bali to the hidden gems like Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, you’ll find some truly breathtaking sites here. It’s a great way to escape the heat of the day while taking in some incredible scenery! For more details check out the complete Bali waterfall guide.


Bali is known for is artwork and handmade crafts.
Hand carved art – Bali

The Balinese people have a deep-rooted history with artwork, and you’ll see evidence of this all over the island. From intricately carved temples to detailed Balinese masks and paintings, there is so much to explore here when it comes to traditional artworks.

If you’re looking for something more modern, head to Ubud which is known as Bali’s cultural center. Here you’ll find a variety of galleries and museums to explore, as well as many local artisans creating beautiful pieces for you to take home.

Why is Bali popular with tourists?

Bali is undoubtedly Indonesia’s most popular destination for tourists. Before the pandemic began in 2020 Bali received a whopping 6.3 million tourists per year! Now, the tourist numbers are well on their way back up to these pre-pandemic levels.

Dreamland Beach – Uluwatu, Bali

There are many reasons why Bali is famous for tourists as I listed above. Ultimately I think the main reason people love visiting Bali is because of its unique blend of culture, nature, and modern amenities. The Balinese people have a long history of hospitality; this coupled with the incredible scenery, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals make it an ideal destination for all types of travelers. Plus, prices in Bali are generally much cheaper than other popular tourist destinations of its caliber.

What is Bali famous food?

If you love food, then Bali won’t disappoint! From traditional Balinese dishes like Babi Guling (pork roll) and Nasi Campur (rice dish served with other traditional variants) to modern-day fusion cuisine, the island has something for all tastes. There are also plenty of places to sample craft beers and local wines – it’s a great opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the culture.

What language do they speak Bali?

There are two main languages spoken in Bali, Balinese which is native to the island of Bali, and Bahasa Indonesian which is the national language of Indonesia. But, do they speak English in Bali? English is also increasingly becoming more popular and can be heard in many tourist spots.

For the best experience, it’s always a good idea to learn some phrases in Balinese or Indonesian before your travels to make sure you get the most out of your trip!

Can I go to Bali if I only speak English?

Yes, of course! We have lived in Bali for over a year and are ashamed to say that we only speak English. Tourism is so prevalent here that many locals can communicate in English, and many establishments offer menus and other materials translated into English. So don’t worry, you can still have a great time in Bali even if you only speak English.

Is Bali similar to Hawaii?

Yes and no. We have lived in both places and can see some strong similarities between the two. The white sand beaches and majestic volcanic cliffs in South Bali remind us a lot of Hawaii. There are also black sand beaches, surfing, marine life, volcanoes, and majestic waterfalls in both places.

The main differences are the culture, food, language, accommodation options, and cost. Hawaii has more of an American influence, with lots of huge resorts and high-end restaurants, while Bali is a great destination for budget travelers looking to explore the local culture. The cost of living in Bali is also much lower than in Hawaii.

Is Bali a friendly country?

Yes, Bali is a very friendly country and the locals are known for their hospitality. We have met some fantastic people here who have gone out of their way to help us with anything we need. They are especially good and playful with children, so it’s a great place to bring the family.

No matter where you go in Bali, you will get a warm welcome and friendly conversation from the locals. They are incredibly welcoming people and will do all they can to ensure you have a good time in Bali.

Are Americans welcome in Bali?

We are American and have chosen to live here in Bali for the past year and a half. We have never felt unwelcome or judged in any way. Bali is a very welcoming country to all regardless of nationality, and we’ve been impressed with how friendly everyone has been toward us.

So yes – Americans are more than welcome in Bali! Of course, it’s always best to be polite and respectful of the local culture, but you’ll find that people are eager to get to know you here. Even if you can’t communicate in their native language, they will try their best to understand what you’re saying. We’ve found it’s been a great experience living in Bali as Americans!

Is Bali cheap or expensive?

It all depends on what you’re looking for! Accommodation, food, and transport can all be found at different price ranges. For budget travelers, there are plenty of cheap guesthouses and restaurants to choose from. And if you’re willing to splurge, there are also beachfront resorts and high-end restaurants offering world-class cuisine.

Overall, Bali can be very affordable if you’re smart with your money. There are plenty of budget-friendly activities and attractions to explore here, so it’s possible to get good value for your money while in Bali. In this article, we break down all of the costs and explain why Bali is so cheap.

Wrapping Up: What is Bali Famous For

In conclusion, Bali is an incredibly welcoming country to travelers of all nationalities. But, what is Bali famous for? It has something for everyone – from stunning beaches and majestic volcanic cliffs to budget-friendly activities and attractions. You can find anything you’re looking for in terms of accommodation, food, transport, culture, and more! So whether you’re planning a trip on a shoestring or want to treat yourself to luxury experiences – Bali should be at the top of your list as it offers many opportunities for its visitors. With this knowledge about what makes Bali so special, we hope that you now have the confidence to book your next holiday here.

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